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Grammar For Better Communication
30 or 40 hours   
Alistair King   

This course is intended for people who have to perform at work in the English Language. Typically the participants will be managers executives or supervisors who have to write reports, letters and memos and take part in meetings, discussions and presentations in English. They will have a relatively good command of business and professional vocabulary, but their command of English grammar will inhibit their communication, compromise their credibility and, in some cases, even lose clients.
They will be taught systematically all the main grammatical features of the English language. They will be shown how these features are relevant to their daily working life. The bulk of each of the ten session will be grammar based, following the “Course Synopsis”. The final hour of each session will consist of reading and discussing an authentic text.
Firstly, the methodology of this course will be different from school learning (which evidently has not been successful). Grammatical features will be introduced thematically, with examples and case studies relating to topics of general interest, as well as to work-specific topics. Participants will be encouraged to bring to the course authentic samples of their work and problems which they have encountered in their professional communication. Thus, an important aspect of this course, namely, participants’ identification with the training, will be promoted. The training will involve course leader presentation, group work and participant presentation. There will be a diagnostic test prior to the course and an evaluation test in the final session.

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