Thursday - January 21, 2021    

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Business Communication
Effective Meetings & Negotiation Skills
Two Days Participatory Course   
Alistair King   

This two day programme will consist of
  • present a plan for the effective chairing of and participating in meetings.
  • assist participants in the development of interpersonal skills
  • show participants how they can be responsible and effective members of a discussion group.
  • show that negotiation is natural and that we are all negotiators, albeit with varying degrees of competence.
  • show that negotiation is implemented at varying degrees of complexity.
  • highlight that negotiation can be reasonable, fair and ethical.
Those for whom meetings and discussions are a regular feature of their work. Also, all those who take part in negotiations, at which they hope to contribute to the best interpersonal environment possible and obtain the best terms.
Participants will :
  • Chair meeting with authority
  • Present their points confidently
  • Interact courteously, yet forcefully
  • Prepare an agenda
  • Write minutes of a meeting
  • Obtain the best possible outcome
This is a hands-on workshop, with most of the workshop being spent in group sessions, role-plays, presentations and case studies.

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