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Support Staff Development Programme
Two Days   
Alistair King   

If any organisation wants its support staff to achieve the results that it is aiming at, they must be well motivated. An understanding of the process of motivation will greatly enhance the support staff contributions to the organisation success. Motivation is what makes people act or behave in the way they do. It is every personís motive of every action. Even a slightest success in doing so will improve the organisation effectiveness and productivity greatly. More importantly, support staff must also be inculcated with the right attitude and values. These will ensure, they will take pride in their work, help protect the companyís interest and contribute to cost savings measures.
Clerical Staff, Administrative staff and all support staff.
Participants will :
  • Understand the roles of office support staff in enhancing organisation success and professionalism
  • Develop the right corporate attitude and values to improve personal effectiveness
  • Learn and apply proven time management techniques to assist an organisation achieve its key result areas.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to leaders, peers and customers.
  • Apply good customer service techniques in managing difficult customers.
  • Create a healthy and conducive work environment by being a team-player and a team-builder.
This programme is highly interactive. The variety of approaches includes short presentations, individual reflection, teamwork and interactive exercises. Such variety ensures that participants learn through all their senses in a meaningful and lasting manner.

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