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Management Development
Managing Change To Minimise Conflict
Two Days   

Organisations today are faced with the twin challenges of increased competition and heightened customer expectation. This demands that the staff work as a team and that they develop new mindsets to think and act in a positive and proactive manner to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction. The starting point for this workshop is the individual employee with a focus on his or her personal and professional development. Through exercises tailored to the context of your organisation the participants will experience, in the course of the workshop, a number of ways in which they can develop their resourcefulness and capabilities.
Participants will:
  • Discover their world of inner powers and hidden potentials
  • Discover and apply the principles of self-managed change
  • Learn to use helpful assumptions to inform their behavior
  • Explore the consequences of negative and positive thinking
  • Learn how to break old habits and develop new more effective ones
  • Explore solving problems creatively
  • Apply these skills to selected relevant situations
  • Develop an individual action plan for continuous learning
Participants will:
  • Operate more effectively because of improved knowledge of themselves, their capabilities and their colleagues
  • Be more responsible and accountable about their own development
  • Be open to new ideas and suggestions
  • Operate from a renewed mindset
Management, Middle management, Supervisory Staff, including key personnel from each department.
The approach is one of collaboration towards the agreed objectives. The speaker is experienced in building rapport and establishing a learning climate conducive to active participation. Techniques used will foster wholebrain learning and cater to a range of learning preferences identified through a pre-programme exercise. The variety of approaches includes short presentations, individual reflection, teamwork and interactive exercises. Such variety ensures that participants learn through all their senses in a meaningful and lasting manner.

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