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Managing Crisis …
To be a successful leader, you need to be able to cope with the stress and demands that a crisis may bring, and be able to lead and motivate the team to alleviate a major problem for the company.
It is not enough to have managers who have exceptional day to day skills - they must be able to set standards and inspire the team to reach them. An effective leader should also know the art of delegation and he must be seen as a trouble shooter, someone who is always there to put fires out when they arise, and to deal with them before they get out of control.
Effective Crisis Management is achieved through the following 3 areas, firstly Maintaining Organisational Integrity, secondly putting Contingency Plans into operation and thirdly being able to put out small fires without making a large one. These will together generate productivity for the benefit of the organisation.
Managers from all levels of the organisation who are responsible for leading, motivating and controlling people and who will be invaluable during a crisis. This course is also highly suitable for executives who are about to assume a “a role with delegation responsibility” for the first time.
Your managers will strive to be more decisive and be able to cope more effectively in times of a crisis. They will also be able to put full contingency plans into operation within your company to avoid any major problems in the future. Participants will learn:-
  • how to develop and maintain personal authority during a crisis
  • how to set clear Crisis Contingency plans
  • the power of preventative medicine rather than cure
  • the fatal error - condoning incompetence during a crisis
  • how to Build a Successful Crisis Management Team
  • how to improve problem solving, decision making and delegation skills from three crisis mgmt experts who have wide experience of crisis mgmt
  • how to deal a real life crisis within your own organization in a role play situation
Participants will be expected to participate fully in all course projects.
  • Course Leader Presentation
  • Motivational seminars, small group case studies, role plays, individual exercises and practical leadership projects
  • Comprehensive course manual for use during and as a reference.

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