Thursday - January 21, 2021    

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Management Development
Developing An Understanding of Grievance
Two Days   

There is a direct link between employee satisfaction and productivity. Reducing employee complaints, grievances and dissatisfaction represents a net gain for the organisation. However, the human cross-currents, thinking and emotional elements often finds its place in the work environment leading to productivity woes.
This training aims to help line leaders and above, especially those with responsibility for managing performance and productivity of a workgroup.
The training deals with the fundamental cause of grievance in the workplace, contributing factors, why it should not be ignored and ways & means to reduce its impact on the organisation. It attempts to help improve performance, potential and deal effectively, confidently and completely in problem situations. The programme projects a combined approach science and arts, skills vs will, mind & emotion with tools and techniques.
  • providing conceptual understanding
  • relating to theory
  • moving from process to practices
  • integrates lectures in delivery, OHP, video, group participation, Question & Answer, role play, discussing real-life situations.

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