Thursday - January 21, 2021    

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Personal Development
Motivating For Excellence
Two or Three Days   

Managers, Supervisors and Line Leaders hold the key to their organisations success. Without proper Leadership skills and self motivation, these position holders cannot effectively bring the best out of their workers and subordinates.
Middle Managers, Supervisors, Line Leaders
This motivation seminar is designed to introduce the skills and attitudes that will motivate and bring out the best in any individual. By being motivated, confident and full of enthusiasm, these leaders will be able to enhance their subordinatesí performances and ultimately bring success to the organisation. Management of people in an art that can be developed by focusing first on the individual himself, before the individual attempts to be the manager of other people.
The method involves:
  • Instructor presentation
  • Oral drills and exercises
  • Role plays within authentic contexts
  • Tasks requiring oral presentation to plenary
An important component in this process is the active participation of participants and they must come with the intention of making contributions to their own development.

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