Thursday - January 21, 2021    

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Personal Development
Handling Objections & Selling Professionally
Two-Days Interactive Workshop   

Participants will be able to:
  • Choose beliefs of excellence for high leverage influence
  • Recognise and respond to diversity in thinking in self and others.
  • Use operational pacing to build understanding
  • Use a powerful technique to create compelling goals
  • Lead people towards solutions
  • Propose convincing solutions
  • Apply their learning immediately to their personal and professional lives
This is a particularly challenging time for companies in Malaysia as you grapple with increased competition, heightened customer expectation and an environment of economic uncertainties. This context demands that staff develop new mindsets, open to continuous learning and that are resourceful in addressing the needs of both internal and external customers. Nonetheless, it is clear that training in purely functional, professional oriented and work-based change is rarely effective in bringing about the desired change.
For this to happen effectively individuals need to re-examine their thinking and behaviour in a holistic way. This workshop creates an opportunity for the individual in your organisation to focus on different aspects of his or her communication and influencing skills in an exploratory and meaningful way. Through selected exercises tailored to identified outcomes participants will discover a number of powerful ways in which they can develop their resourcefulness and capabilities. Thus the workshop provides a springboard to increased personal effectiveness and a mindset of continuous learning. Evidence abounds that such personal effectiveness is the foundation for nurturing professional excellence.
Sales people, Dealers
The approach is one of collaboration in working towards the agreed outcomes. The programme will be tailored to each group, through a pre-programme survey. The theoretical foundation for the workshop design is to be found in relevant aspects of Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Herrman Brain Dominance and Multiple Intelligence. These are leading edge technologies which our speaker continues to explore.

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