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Course Leaders
  1. Alan Chan
  2. Alistair King
  3. Anne Munro
  4. Christopher Wong
  5. Cynthia Jonas
  6. Daniel Chew Seng Choon
  7. Manjit Kaur
  8. Richard Kumar
  9. Roberta Cava
  10. Sherina Ng
  11. Vivian Chong
Anne Munro , Dr
( British )

 Dr Anne Munro’s own educational background is testimony to her belief in personal development and proactive change. As a "special needs" educationist in the seventies, she was involved in a dynamic process of proactive change in institutional systems and approaches, aimed at maximizing the potential of disadvantaged students in London and Manchester. It was from this experience that she saw the need for a better understanding of social change and was led first to developmental studies at the University of Sussex and later to post-graduate Sociology of Development at Manchester University. This background has provided the tools with which to analyse social change at the personal, institutional and larger social context. Indeed, Sociology is the study of change.

Consequently, training within and for a variety of institutions and companies over the years, in UK, Singapore and Malaysia, has been rooted in a core belief in human potential, an awareness of which is a necessary precursor to developing a viable programme for its realization. Her role has frequently been to catalyze that awareness and provide a systematic means to begin the process of personal improvement. Such a paradigm shift is also a tremendous benefit to any organisation with which the individual works for it can result in creativity, innovation and flexibility - essential elements of any dynamic business.

Her involvements have included communications courses with post-graduate students at the University of Science and Technology, Manchester and MARA teachers in Malaysia. At the regional level, she has been engaged in a number of projects, most recently one on the impact of change in technology and women’s work for the United Nations University in Maastricht and, currently, one evaluating the impact of participatory ECCD training in Malaysia for disadvantaged children, in conjunction with the Bernard van Leer Foundation of the Netherlands.

In the corporate world, too, initiatives are needed to cope successfully with a rapidly changing global environment and she has found it challenging and enjoyable to conduct training sessions in Managing Change and Business Communication for both clerical and managerial levels of large corporations in Malaysia.

Recent Publications include:

Keying into the Future: Issues in Computers and Office Work
Co-edited with Dr Cecelia Ng, WDC (Women’s Development Collective and Women’s Study Unit at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) 1944

Report on New Technologies and the Future of Women’s Work in Asia
Co-edited with Dr Cecelia Ng, UN University Institute of Technology, Maastricht 1995

Report on the Impact of ECCD Training in Malaysia
(Bernard van Leer and national ECCD NGOs) forthcoming

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