Thursday - January 21, 2021    

Course Leaders
  1. Alan Chan
  2. Alistair King
  3. Anne Munro
  4. Christopher Wong
  5. Cynthia Jonas
  6. Daniel Chew Seng Choon
  7. Manjit Kaur
  8. Richard Kumar
  9. Roberta Cava
  10. Sherina Ng
  11. Vivian Chong
Vivian Chong , Ms
( Malaysian )

Vivian received her first degree from Utah State University in 1991. For a year, she was the training and development planner and also facilitator with the Washington Human Development, Seattle, Washington, a vocational training centre for underprivileged women in urban area, where she contributed to the success rate of job retention and placement.

In 1992, Vivian moved to Singapore to join World Vision, a US based charitable organization. She contributed to organizing the annual 36-hour Famine fund raising events in Singapore, where she also trained and planned groups of World Vision volunteers for fund-raising activities.

Vivian joined consultancy firm Aspectum (M) Sdn Bhd to handle Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and conducted CRM-related training workshops. With her passion for and belief in exploring potentials and contributing to the lives of others, she has given her time and efforts to retraining adult learners. Vivianís approach stresses key learning points through structured activities and NLP techniques in her lively programs.

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